Chris L wrote a great article, Words and Sentences, which got me thinking of how love should be our motivation in all we do.


I think that, because of our brokenness, we get drawn to a specific aspect of the Bible. That area of brokenness resonates with something in the Gospel or Bible. Sometimes we feel challenged by the Word in that area of brokenness and this is how it should be. We need to realize, however, that our objectivity gets clouded by our brokenness. We can easily dwell on that area and make our own subjective experience with the Bible part of the Gospel. I think this is why some people are more sensitive to things like words and gestures than others.

That said, I also think we need to be sensitive towards people who, through their brokenness, came to emphasize and even eschew a part of the Bible. When we treat them with love, show them their subjectivity in love, we might help them on their path of healing. When we, however, hand them the truth strait on, it hurts. It’s like being handed a prickly pear with the skin on. It is nice, sweet and healthy on the inside but ouch! Hurting people with the truth never helps it just drives them away from us and further away from the truth that can set them free.

Love and Relationship

Talking about love… Love is expressed and comes to its full potential within relationship. Discernment, like all spiritual gifts and ministries is for the edification of the body of Christ and should function with its highest value as love. If love for our brother/sister, who is being discerned and corrected, is not our motivation, we cause hurt and destruction even if our words are filled with divine truth. My opinion is that all spiritual gifts and ministries including discernment should function within relationship. Relationship keeps us in check. Relationship keeps us together on the journey of healing and growth. I think Paul had this in mind when he put 1 Cor 13 (Love) in the middle of discussing spiritual gifts and ministries 1 Cor 12 & 14.

So back to words… Our words should be motivated by love. Not sometimes. Always. I think Chris L made this quite clear in his article. Thank you Chris.


Where I have hurt anyone of you with my words, I apologise. Please forgive me.