I am part of a learning community in South Africa called EChruch and MissioNet Learning Community where we read material on certain subjects and then get together once a quarter do discuss what we have learned.

One of the books we have read and discussed is Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard.  We somehow got the wrong book here at Impetus, Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice, instead of Renovation of the Heart, but despite that I jumped into the book and found it very engaging. The book is  co-written with Jan Johnson, and on the back the following is noted:
“Spiritual director Jan Johnson guides you through sixty-one carefully selected chosen selections from the renowned author Dallas Willard’s best-selling book Renovation of the Heart.”
After each chapter in the book there is a section called “Today’s Experiment”, where some guidelines are given to put what was discussed in that chapter into daily practice.

As I read through the book I will try to summarise and note my own thoughts.