I have been reading quite a number of blogs lately criticising other people’s views, methods and theology as well as the comments following the posts. Now I don’t have a problem with critique and think it to be a healthy thing. What bothered me was the spirit the posts and comments was done in. What follows is my take on how it should be done.

What most of us (yes I include myself) do when we argue our point, is putting ourselves on higher moral ground. The “I now better than you” stance. Jesus warned us against such behaviour in Matthew 7.

One of the passages in Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk To Freedom that stuck with me is when he told the story of where he tried to convince one of the PAC members that the ANC’s way of doing things was the better way. He says that the man listened up to the point where Mandela said something that put himself on higher moral ground. From there on the conversation was fruitless.

Jesus came to us as a servant and that is what exalted Him to ruler of all. How can we, calling ourselves His followers, think we can effect change by “preaching” down at people from our own higher moral ground. Let us be servants of one another. When we disagree, let us do it in humility and love and just maybe we’ll get people to listen what we have to say.